Internet Freedom & SecondMuse

SecondMuse is a leader in understanding and addressing user needs in the context of Internet freedom, having developed the a methodology for applying human-centered design and Needfinding to user communities. In 2015 SecondMuse incubated the Localization Lab as part of a project with the Open Technology Fund. The Localization Lab, a growing community of thousands of volunteer translators, developers, and intermediary organizations committed to localizing open source Internet freedom technology.


Community-based translation and more

The Open Technology Fund has partnered with SecondMuse and Transifex to create an Internet freedom localization lab built on the Transifex online crowd-sourced translation platform. This lab provides localization services and support for Internet freedom tools: technology that addresses security, privacy, anonymity and circumvention issues. Volunteers from around the world can contribute translations and ensure that a given tool is available in their native language. This Localization Lab has dramatically expanded the potential user base of Internet freedom tools. As this time, the lab maintains nearly 2,000 translators working to translate millions words from more than 30 tools into over 180 languages and dialects including Arabic, Farsi, Korean, Tibetan, Mandarin, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.