Dear researchers, technologists, and ethnographers,

The Internet Freedom Needfinding Framework is a tool to help you better understand the needs of users of Internet Freedom Tools—open and accessible technologies that promote human rights and open societies. It is our belief that only through truly understanding needs can we build effective and useful Internet Freedom Tools, and the services and programs that support them such as training curriculums and outreach programs. These needs can span usability, utility, threats, culture, and much more.

This framework is intended for anyone operating in the realm of Internet Freedom, in particular those who design and develop technology. It can also be utilized by advocates, trainers, funders and many others.

This framework contains a great deal of information and it is not intended to be read entirely by most readers. Instead, we encourage you to take a “choose your own adventure” approach and review the parts of this framework that will be most useful to you. We have provided information above about different ways to approach the framework based on backgrounds and goals

This is the first publication of this framework. This is a living document that will evolve and change as it is used and improved. While we have the privilege of being the creators and caretakers of this framework, we believe it ultimately belongs to the community and we would like your support in improving it. We invite your questions, feedback, and even additions to this work. Please send them to internetfreedom@secondmuse.com.

Thank you,

Michael, Katey Roxann and SecondMuse